Thursday, 16 October 2014

Rare Winter Visitor

Grey Phalarope
A quiet week for new migrant visitors to the Country Park was broken yesterday by the arrival of a Grey Phalarope.

The Phalarope is the first one seen at Big Waters for well over 10 years and created quite a stir when it arrived yesterday morning. The flighty little bird was seen on various parts of the lake during the day and within an hour of the first sighting twitchers were arriving to see it from all over.

The unusual arrival may have been due to bad weather off shore but it seemed quite happy to feed on Big Waters and stayed at least until early evening. Initially identification was difficult as it was favoring the far end of the lake, even the high powered scopes could not clearly identify it, but during the early afternoon it appeared next to the hide (hence photo). Poor lighting prevented a real keeper photograph but this record shot was sent to Alan who has kept detailed records of visitors to the site for many years.

Update: I was reliably informed that our rare visitor was unfortunately an evening meal for the local sparrowhawk later that day!

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  1. Great shot of a bird I have never seen at Big Waters (sob, sob). Would have come but somehow I never got any message until the notification on Bird Guides by which time it was too late (for me and for the Phalarope)