Monday, 24 November 2014

Weekly Update: Short But Sweet

The last few weeks has seen my business take up huge amounts of my time. Unfortunately this has meant I have not managed to visit Big Waters as much as I would like, but last week I managed to get a few hours to visit and see what had changed in the time I was away.

It was nice to finally get a few hours away from work to see Alan and Dan, also to catch up on what I had missed since my last visit 2 weeks ago.

Apparently I had missed all sorts of action (typical) a brambling had been into the feeding station and Canadian geese were in large numbers on the pond. The water level on the pond had risen significantly to touching the hide (usually theres 2-3 metres to the shore line from the edge of the hide).

During my short visit I was pleased to see Reed Buntings were becoming more common and the resident Wren made an appearance. I was also fortunate enough to witness three otters right in front of the hide, two of them were play fighting. Getting pictures wasn't easy as they moved very fast and the light was low but I managed to grab a couple of record shots.

Two Otters fighting in front of the hide

The third otter swimming in front of the hide

Hopefully I'll get a bit more time at the hide soon, but I cant complain about the amount of work I have on.

More updates to follow soon.

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